Empowering Solid Decision-Making During Critical Moments

CTEH RM®, through our large internal and external network of emergency responders, has extensive experience in filling and coaching Incident Command System (ICS) and Incident Management Team (IMT) roles with a focus on, health and safety, environmental, liaison, and technical  roles.

This experience has led to the collective development of the CTEH RM® SMT/IMT, consisting of experts that can:

  • Mobilize to all-threats/all-hazard events 24/7/365
  • Rapidly establish an appropriate Incident Command Post with the necessary team and technical expertise
  • Integrate with responsible party, agency, and contractor personnel and systems
  • Provide sound operational and technical advice and recommendations
  • Develop working plans and lead a response through ICS
  • Improve agency coordination and stakeholder communication through our culture of transparency

Whether for planning, readiness, response, or recovery, our team of experts uses their skills and experience to help protect people, communities, and the environment.

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